The translation aspect (Arabic to English):

I’m someone passionate about languages, and about reading and writing. I started translating poems around two year ago, and I found that I enjoyed that process of trying to capture the poet’s words and translate them to another language and trying to keep the same flavor of the work.

I usually use an online dictionary and Google Translate for help but I only use them to make sure the meaning is not lost in translation, and the rest is all me.

Why do this?

Besides the fact that I completely enjoy translating, I also think that the Arabic literature does contain great minds and thinkers. Khalil Gibran, Nagib Mahfouz, and Arabian Nights aren’t all there is to Arabic literature. There are so many writers that are waiting to be discovered.

What gave you the idea?

I’ve always wanted to share my translations somewhere, and discovering this wordpress site gave me the extra push. There are so many people like me who would love to expose readers to some great literature that they’d normally be oblivious to because it’s in another language.

Are those posts ever going to be compiled?

I’m planning to put translation of any work upon completion in epub, lit, mobi formats. Since I haven’t completed translating anything yet, this remains to be seen. 🙂


If you guys have any specific books in mind, request away 🙂 A great chunk of Arabic books are non-fiction and I completely detest those, but anything that is pure fiction and poetry I do consider.


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