Current Project(s) – WIP:

  • Aisha Descends into the Underworld by Buthaina Al-Eissa


Pages: 225

Book Type: Paperback

Book Shelves: depression, loss, grief, writing.


I am Aisha.
I will die in seven days.
And until then, I decided to write.
I don’t know how writing is supposed to start, probably from a place like this where everything leafs with doubt.

Writing seems to be the only thing I can do. I want to put the last period in the last sentence before I get swallowed by absence.
I have decided for my last days to be like this. I mean, like writing. A word is a fragile and tenuous creature, like me. And I, in my last days, wish to look like me as much as possible. I’m doing this for me; these papers, this writing, this wound: for me.

This writing is not a biography of my life. What has passed isn’t worthy of interest; everything is now done and finished. This writing goes nowhere and I don’t think I have lived a life that deserves to be documented. I am writing to be clear with myself, alone with myself, full of myself. This writing does not cure, but kills. Death is good, and I wish for it with all my heart.


Although the subject of the book is a little tough but I totally love how Aisha just shines through, the way a grieving, real person would. She does feel a little loopy sometimes but so sincere and emotional that you can’t help but sympathize. At the beginning of the book, Al-Eissa does mention that the book was based on real-life events which gives the book the extra emotional depth and impact (though it fiercely stands on its own as it is).

Progress: 37/225 translated. Part #1, Part #2.

Status: Ongoing.

Project(s) on Hiatus:

  • Diary of an Elderly Young Person by Amr Subhi:

Pages: 52

Book Type: Free e-book

Book-shelves: memoir, depression, non-fiction


Alone in my room, I unburden myself of the heaviness of details, the length and remoteness of distances, and the aches of the soul. Tired, the flu leaves a rampant stale taste in my mouth; a thousand daggers pierce my throat, and the coughing is almost ripping my chest apart.

I take two tablets of painkillers, and then I drink a cup of warm Anise tea that might reach my frozen insides that yearn for warmth.


I use the word ‘memoir’ very loosely here to try to describe this really interesting book; it’s more like a collection of Subhi’s thoughts. It’s an exciting challenge to try to translate Subhi’s metaphors and language -his prose borders on poetry- but I hope I do him justice.

This is my first translation work and I’m still trying to get the hang of this s 😀

Progress: 30/52 translated. Parts #1#2, and #3.

Status: On hiatus.


Upcoming Project(s) – books that I’m hoping to translate:

Undecided yet.


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